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Laver Sneaks Out of Control

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I admit a strange love affair with Rod Laver sneakers.  I have had a pair of the white and green mesh classics around        for years.  For me personally they wax and wane alongside my low-top Chuck Taylor obsession.  If I’m not jonesing for some Chucks, it’s because I’m content with some Lavers.  Unlike most sneaker snobs, I like these generally inexpensive sneakers for things like mowing the lawn, playing at the park, and generally tearing it up.

But now, there are a proliferation of styles the thumbnails above only hint at. Search Adidas for more and you’ll find no fewer than 16 varieties.  They used to offer the Laver style only in the old green/white, then added blue/white. Now it appears as if the hipster/collector demand has unleashed the designers crazy on this old style. I don’t know if I could mow the lawn in tweed Lavers, or have the gumption to rock a work suit wearing them either. Maybe in the drive in but that’s about it.

The Rod Laver entry at wikipedia doesn’t offer much by way of history of the shoes, but will school you on what an interesting career Mr. Laver had in the tennis world.  Needless to say, the shoes have a nice long lace, a cool mesh upper (in the traditional style), and a hint of suede in an otherwise rubber and nylon shoe. This helps make them fairly indestructible, but also machine washable (I remove the liners). This helps you wear them hard but still keep them relatively white and sharp looking most of the time. Snappy!

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