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You came!

Posted on June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Okay, so you probably didn’t come and I’m likely typing out in the wilderness.  If you’re here, you’re likely a friend or family member (or paid link wrangler pumping up my stats!) checking out what crazy junk I’m into. Of course, I still talk and type like it’s the 90’s, which you don’t think of as another era, but it certainly is.  The “crazy junk I’m into” in 90’s lingo means that I’m using my Netscape to login to my aol account.  “Crazy junk” refers to junk or stuff generally that may or may not actually be crazy.

Updating this to today, you can see the problem.  Crazy junk means that your junk (which we all know what this now means, right?) is kind of crazy, and everyone will be wondering if it’s in a box, if you have a disease, or what have you.

See, there it is again.  That stilted early proto-journalistic style of early blog posts comes out. Like my habit in college of trying to call everyone by their last name.  Very “post Cosby show era” and all.  Now, it kind of seems lame.  Or it may just be lame.  At any rate…

I will try and flesh out the history a bit in the about page.

There is a little picture bubble next to each post that I can’t figure out how to get rid of yet, but I’m smitten with the overall design of this great template so I’m not inclined to change it. I don’t know how to add a picture or create a page with the custom url needed, so don’t click on it yet.


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