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Eyes dilated, new backgroud in windows, watching workers…

Posted on October 11, 2017 in Uncategorized







Having your eyes dilated is just weird. Sensitive to light, blurry vision. When you put on glasses it’s worse. Can’r really see the screen or know if I’m typing typos. Why post to a blog right now. Don’t know, it’s fall, here we are.

Verdana font in 8 point is the greatest looking websites of all time. Reminds me of old school blogs and chat back when it wasn’t just a platform and all that and people were just doing it for fun and to get things in terms of connection. Now Spotify owns my taste and my discover weekly is like the best I’ve ever thought; take that algorithm…

I found the pic above after reading a short bit about a poet who also did abstract landscapes. I put it on my windows background. My monitors sit by a window, and I can see this painting and then people working on the roof of a 5 story building across the street from my office. They’re doing the roof. Making an old hotel into apartments. Great stuff.

Dilation is relaxing the muscles of your eyes so that your pupil opens way open and all the light floods in and you can’t focus. Maybe we should dilate the world. Less focus, more light.


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